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Amy Knighton, MMS, PA-C



Phoenix, AZ

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Great,very informative and helpful


Lacks empathy and human kindness with patient. In my experience with her, it can be said that she treated me agresiva.


I recently had a 6 month follow up with Amy. From the moment Amy walked into my exam room it was evident that she was genuinely interested in how I was doing. As Amy has told me in the past, this is the one place where as a patient I can be totally honest and tell her how I am really doing and holding up. It takes a skillful, caring clinician to deal with these potentially life altering spinal deformities on a daily basis. Amy is a wonderful listener and then takes that information to incorporate it into her physical exam, clinical findings and subsequent recommendations. I have 100% faith in both Amy and Dr. Stevens to monitor my condition, alert me to any potential serious changes and to carefully weigh the risks vs benefits whether or not corrective spinal surgery is in my best interests. I believe with every patient both Amy and Dr. Stevens believe in "First Do No Harm." Dr. Stevens also took the time to come in to see how I am doing. I am blessed and fortunate to have the best!


Nice and informative


Professional and pleasant.


Courtes and very helpful. Thank you


Articulate …to the point….like her laugh


Amy is great! I


Always exceptional care and understanding


Personable and thorough.

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