Cecily Metzler, CRNP

Alabama Center for Reproductive Medicine


Birmingham, Al

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Came across as kind of harsh, especially considering it was our first appointment with her.


LOVE her!!


In a very trying time in someone’s life (which anyone going through infertility is going through) it really matters how you speak to them. Tone of voice, ensuring the patients have room to ask questions, and clear options for proceeding with treatment are all things I feel like this clinician can work on to better serve her patients ,


Cecily is personable and knowledgeable. She obviously cares about her patients and is quick to respond to any questions. She’s very positive and upbeat.


Cecily is the most compassionate NP I’ve ever met. She connects well with her clients and when tragedy arises, she is there to comfort you!


Our encounter wasn't long. However, she was very professional & caring. I was downplaying the surgery. I may rated higher if think about the visit in details.


Cecily is the absolute best! She’s incredibly kind and always makes us feel comfortable. She takes the time to answer our many questions and never makes us feel rushed. She is a rare gem and we are so thankful to have her on our journey!


She's so sweet! She makes sure all your questions are answered. I feel so comfortable being able to sit down and talk with her.


She’s such an amazing Doctor with great work


Naturally the sweetest! She has the best personality and honestly makes me feel extreme comfort on my journey. I enjoy being seen by her!

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