Walter Burnham, M.D.

Huntington Orthopedic Institute

Orthopedics: Herniated Discs, Osteoporosis, Back Pain, Scoliosis

Pasadena, CA

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It was a two hour wait but which I feel is inconsiderate to the patient and their day but Dr. Burnham was very attentive, patience, comprehensive while visiting with me.


He's so outgoing and the best surgeon ever.


A true patriot and friend


Great service when I needed it.


He is very kind, compassionate, and very caring, he was amazing he took me from not being able to move or sit up or do anything and he did miracle work because for the 1st time in a very long time I can sit up and I can move with help and I can walk with a walker and help to keep me from falling for the 1st time in over 25 years and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs his help. He is an amazing person and even more amazing surgeon with compassion,caring for his patients, and believing in them and helping and making them believe in themselves and that is what makes him a great man as a friend, but it makes him an amazing doctor. With all that said I want to say thank you Dr. Walter Burnham for giving me a lot of independence and my life back to me, your amazing hope I don't need more surgery but I will definitely be seeing you often and if I should need surgery again you are the only doctor I want working on me. My family and I are so grateful for you. Thank you!


Excellent surgeon


Dr. Burnham seemed like an old friend from the moment I met him. He asked great questions and really listened to my concerns. Thanks!


He's Good, he knows his stuff. Only thing with him is He's too straight forward. I mean really straight forward. He doesn't try too comfort you much.


Very considerate and compassionate.


Awsome Doctor would highly recommend for back or neck treatment

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