Peggy Marcus, M.D.

Children's Medical Group


Decatur, GA

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Excellent, attentive, and concerned physician. Very impressive.


Doctor Marcus is amazing and we are grateful for her work with our children.


Dr Marcus is awesome. She is great at answering questions in a way that is easily understandable and comforting to parents. Very genuine and empathetic in the way she addresses our concerns.


Dr. Marcus is always so helpful. We are grateful to have her as our son’s physician.


Peggy is a very smart and wonderful pediatrician. That office is lucky to have her.


Dr. Marcus is the best of the best! She’s thorough, clear and calm. I had my 3 small kids in for sick check and flu shots and she navigated all of them in different ways, based on what each needed. Highly recommend CMG, and highly recommend Dr. Marcus!


Dr. Marcus is one of the best physicians I’ve ever worked with. We appreciate her immensely.


Dr. Marcus is simply amazing and she has been my kids doctor for many years. She has a true heart for people and really knows how to connect with children.


Dr Marcus is amazing. We visited her with our first baby and she was so helpful, understanding, compassionate, and really listened. She walked us through everything step by step and we left the appointment feeling so informed and taken care of.


As usual thorough kind and compassionate! Thank you!

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