Paul Vansweden, M.D.

Personalized Hematology & Oncology of Wake Forest

Primary Care

Wake Forest, NC

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This is the first medical let alone doctor appointment. I’ve had in ages that I would give more stars if they were available he and the whole team are great.


Attentive to your health. Give excellent advice or suggestions.


So pleased to be his patient. He is very thorough in his health suggestions and prescribed Rx and a joy to be with. He is a true professional with a great sense of humor along with his depth of experience and sensible suggestions for primary care.


The receptionist when you try to call up there. You can never never get through the phones to speak to one of them to make an appointment. And then when you do finally get through, they're supposed to take notes down from the patient to give to the doctor to have the doctor to call back. And they don't on top of that Katie, who works in labs, Katie, the manager. She has a real bad attitude and she's the most unfriendly person I ever did. See. She's let her manager saying go to her head. In my opinion, she don't need to be managed up there in that office. The office is very clean.


Absolutely a great doctor!


Definitely recommend!


Dr Vansweden is everything I want in a primary care physician- knowledgeable, educated


I love Dr. VanSweden! He’s an intent listener and always remembers the details of my life, even if I haven’t seen him for 6 months. He’s a great doctor!


Really liked him. I can honestly say he is the first Dr. since covit that isn't scared to talk and listen to all my concerns and help me


Awsome person and doctor

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