Naga Sirikonda, MD, FCCP

Major Health Partners


Shelbyville, IN

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Very pleased with his questions and thoroughness.


He listens and offers solutions,and discuss those with you.


He answered my questions thoroughly & Really seemed wholeheartedly caring of my health! He Didn't Down Me For My Smoking & I Will See Him Yet Again! He Is Amazingly Awesome... He Is My Pulmonologist☺️


First Time visit.


What impressed me the most was the fact that he shook my hand. I haven't had a doctor do that in years!


Very pleasant office visit. Took time to listen and have a conversation. Glad to have him on board.


Doesn’t explain as he should and it’s like he dumbs thing down to much.


As soon as he entered the room I advised him that I was using the Abridge app to record my visit so my wife would have full details as to what happened. He ordered me to turn it off and I said no. He refused to begin the examination until I turned it off. I continued to tell him no and he told me "this clinic does not allow that" I told him all my other doctors allow me to do so. He finally admitted he did not know the policy at this "clinic".Extremely poor "bedside manner'!


Very polite young man. He seems very knowledgeable. I will know more after my procedure.