Michael Hayman, M.D.


Orthopedics: Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Glendale, AZ

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He’s great and very knowledgeable!


Met him for the 1st time today and felt he was confident in a game plan for me and answered all my questions and my husbands questions.


He put me together w not much to work with. He was very honest and kind with telling me what I have to overcome and what my expectations should be w walking.


Been 4 days need surgery ASAP no call MA not available to schedule


I Love My Dr. HES GREAT!


Addressed my concerns


Was straight to the point. Made it clear on what was going on with my shoulder and how he would address the problems.


Thank you Dr Hayman for keeping it real... but I wish you lie to me a little to make me feel better... no Really thank you for you knowledge and skill✌️


I was there for my left shoulder. He questioned me about my wheelchair. Once he heard about my knee Osteoarthritis, he focused more on my knee issue. I had been there previously about my shoulder and he only wanted to focus on an MRI done 6 months ago. X-Rays had shown severe Osteoarthritis with Allison. He didn't know that I had fallen in October and had been rolled onto my shoulder many times in a Nursing Home. That is how this bout of pain began. He recommended PT-but denied Aquatic PT.


Great physician!!! Really listens to his patients and covers all bases

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