Mark Mazow, M.D.

Eye Plastic Surgery Associates

Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology: Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Dallas, TX

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Excellent clinician. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and compassionate.


Experienced physician with good bedside manner.


Dr.Mazow, Is amazing! Let me explain why! The year was around 2008.My father had eye surgery by Dr.Mazow for some over grown cell in the outer edge of both eyes. My Dad's recovery was seamless and no sign of surgery at all. My Dad asked me if I could take him to his follow up appointment. I was so impressed with Dad's results, I asked for Dr.Mazow's business cards. So glad I keep his card as I just had surgery and so thankful to Dr.Mazow for his Expertise. Recovering well!


Very smart, but bad bedside manner. Not friendly. Very curt.


The service that I received from Dr. Mazo was exsceptional and I would not go to any other Dr. for the proceedures that he preformed. The honesty of of his assesment of my problem was to my satisfaction and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Very pleased with Dr. Mazow and his staff!


Professional and very patient with my 84 year old Mother who is very hard of hearing and has slight dementia. He reconstructed her upper eyelid after most of it had been taken off due to bacil cell carcinoma. Excellent job! We highly recommend Dr Mazow


Went for reconstructive surgery after Mohs surgery. He was very reassuring and made me feel confident he could make my eye look normal. I saw him in the morning in his office, later before surgery and after. I felt like he was very caring. I would definitely use him again.