Jean Beaton, M.D.

Dupont Private Health

Internal Medicine

Washington, DC

The reviews listed below were collected independently of Dupont Private Health through rater8. Each review represents an authentic and verified patient experience.

She is attentive and explains things easily.


Good to know that she will be there when I need her,


She is knowledgeable, but is extremely rigid and doesn’t seem able to hear what I am telling her.


Dr. Beaton is unlike any other GP I have had in the past. She takes a special interest in her patients. I was diagnosed with MCI and she has been invaluable in helping me navigate this new development in my life, ie meds, diet, referrals, lipid specialist, neurologists. MRIs, blood tests etc.


Always available & responsive. Very conscientious.


Dr. Beaton takes a holistic approach to patients’ health. She takes thorough notes about patients’ diet, exercise, and sleep—our whole life lifestyle. She is extremely accessible as well. I’m very grateful that Dr. Beaton is my general practitioner.


Dr. Beaton is very caring!


Dr Beaton is the best primary care doc I have ever had. Period.


I have had very few interactions with Dr. Beaton because my specialists have had most of the interaction. Because Dr. Beaton and I have a limited interaction because o fmy health is the only reason I didn't put in highest.


Highly responsive, thorough, great follow up!

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