Ira David Uretzky, M.D.

South Carolina ENT

Pediatrics: Otolaryngology

Columbia - Downtown, Lexington, Orangeburg, SC

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Best ENT in South Carolina - probably because he grew up on NYC water. The in-office surgery was very successful (so far), and the post-op appointments have been amazing. Despite being short staffed, Dr. Uretzky has been noticeably putting the team on his back - and he still takes the time to listen to his patient's concerns and really explain what's going on. That's hard to find when the majority of Doctors I've seen so far try to push their patients out the door as fast as possible.


Don't understand how the roof of my mouth is sore and sore throat and nothing showing


Great visit!


Dr. Uretzky was very engaging


Some issues were corrected and I’m very happy about that. I still haven’t met Dr. Uretzky despite several visits!


Awesome Experience!


I am breathing better than I have in YEARS. This Doctor diagnosed my problem, and prescribed the medication that really works. I am so Thankful to be a Patient of his at SCENT.


I didn’t see the Dr. I saw a PA


Very nice and professional office. Dr. Uretsky was very attentive and caring and positive.Liked that all services were provided in one office.


Extremely pleased with the care that I received.Dr. Uretzky was very caring and professional.

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