Gregory Horner, M.D.

Tri-Valley Orthopedic Specialists

Orthopedics: Arthroscopic Surgery, Micro-Vascular Surgery, Work Injuries, Congenital Disorders

Pleasanton, San Ramon, Tracy

The reviews listed below were collected independently of Tri-Valley Orthopedic Specialists through rater8. Each review represents an authentic and verified patient experience.

Grateful I seeked a second opinion and got the right treatment and my hands were repaired! Thank you Dr, Horner!


Always professional and caring


Dr Horner is exceptional at what he does, but could work on more thorough explanations and communication skills


A wonderful experience all around with Dr Horner. He explained all options and Is very optimistic about my recovery which is very important to me as a patient.


He makes sure I get the proper care


Needs to be more present and attentive during visit with patients. He seems like a okay doctor but cuts me off during visit and walks out of the room and does not return leaving the visit incomplete and did not fully answer my questions. Gave him a second chance and todays visit was still short but we had more of a conversation about my care and possible need for surgery without him walking out of the room in 5 minutes (wish i was exaggerating, but im not).


Love Dr Horner


Thank u good job