David J. Clare, M.D.

Nebraska Orthopaedic Center, PC.

Orthopedics: Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery of the Knee & Shoulder, Joint Replacement of the Hip & Knee

Main Office - Lincoln, Aurora, Auburn

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The two times we’ve seen him he’s been kind of a blunt no-nonsense guy which I really appreciate. He cuts to the chase but he’s also still friendly to my kids, and he looks me in the eyes and encourages me to ask questions and then answers them thoughtfully like he’s really taking time to think about it and not give a quick routine answer, so I really appreciated having him as our doctor.


Dr. Clare is very personable and explains things well. Glad I started going to him.


Great professional doctor who cares


Very kind and understanding. Very efficient! Everything planned out and follow it step by step.


Knees are feeling better. Easier to get up and walk with no pain.


Good appt!! And appreciate the courteous check-in experience


Great surgeon and great support staff.


Everyone was so pleasant. Especially Tuss and Dr. Clare. Thank you!


Very professional and thorough.


Very knowledgeable and courteous

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