Becky Luu, O.D.

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Adult Strabismus



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She was extremely thorough and insightful. Thank you!


We’ve had a great experience with Dr. Luu. However, we always wait at 30 minutes past our appointment time which is not acceptable.


Very friendly, kind, knowledgable. However, either forgetful, poor communication, or poor recommendation—not sure which. Dr. Luu determined my toddler does not have any vision issues or diagnosis, but keeps recommending visits every 6 months to check up on him, which costs me (insured) out of pocket *hundreds* for every visit—yikes. Not necessary. Also, she told us the last visit she’d check up on something, but when that follow up 6-month visit happened, she didn’t check on that thing she said we needed to come back for and instead checked on another issue she had already determined he didn’t have previously. When we asked, she briefly said that other issue was fine too and brushed us off it felt like (omitting health specifics for privacy).


Dr Luu is simply amazing. She always helps us understand what's going on perfectly and interacts with our daughter fantastically.


THE best. Grateful for such a kind and caring doctor for my 8 year old. Thank you Dr. Luu!


We are so grateful for all of the doctors & staff at Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus! We have been so blessed to have them! They are top notch and we are amazed at their excellence and amazing service!


First time visit for grandson, age 5. He was very nervous and terrified of the prospect of being the only one wearing glasses in his class. Dr Luu and her tech were wonderful and made him comfortable/involved in the process.


We love Becky Luu! She’s so great with our son and we are so thankful for her!


She is very smart and nice

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