Barbara Colosimo, MD

Unifour Pediatrics

Primary Care

Conover, NC

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Awesome Dr.


My son will never see this person ever again! I don’t understand how she can talk to any one the way she does. I don’t understand how she is still employed at this dr office. Terrible terrible! If I knew who the manager was of that office I would get with them! I was so shaken when I left and my son was sad. I will never let her see my son or I again. She had the nerve to ask me if I gave my child monster energy or redbull because I’ve given him coffee before. Which the coffee is more than half of milk. The way she yelled at me. And downgraded my parenting skills. SHE DOESNT KNOW MY CHILD!




Once she gets an “idea” of who she thinks you are as a family, I feel as if you’re judged and treated differently. I never had an issue in 18 years there until she came. Dr. Millsapd cared, treated everyone equally, LISTENED to the parents and there concerns and NEVER took “sides” with families as it’s about the child or in my case children. As of now my youngest still go to unifour but my oldest felt so humiliated she is somewhere else now and I prefer my youngest to not see this doctor although I bite the bullet sometimes but I know for a fact she has violated HIPPA and caused issues in my home personally and I hope she now knows that. If she reads this she will just go and discuss it any ways so if I say not to 🤷 I LOVE unifour peds and trust my kids there only as I’ve grown to know staff and how wonderful they handled my children whether they have Medicaid or the best insurance available. I feel this doctor was just or is the bad apple of the bunch


She always answers all my questions and takes time to listen to my boys questions


I felt like I wasn’t being listened to while speaking about how I felt. It felt like I was just told I had a sickness just to get me out of there. There was also a rude comment that was made towards me “see even hypochondriacs have strep”


I’m sorry to ever have to post this on the website but this women right here is extremely rude! I have never felt so belittled in my life! she made me and my fiancé feel horrible! my daughter was sick on her 2-month well check, so Mr. Reinbolt told me I could catch her vaccines up on her 4-month check up and she wasn’t understanding. That’s why my daughter didn’t have her vaccines because she was sick and I wasn’t going to let them vaccinate her being sick. I was just gonna get everything up-to-date on her 4-month check up but I can say if I ever have to deal with her again, I will definitely be switching my kids. She is extremely rude.


She was friendly and answered my questions.


Love her. She is so wonderful with my grandkids..



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